• 15-10-2014
    ETMS opens new branch in Suez city

    As the business is expanding within Suez Region ETMS opened Suez branch to manage the operation and booking of Adabeya - Duba RORO line which is expected to be one of the leading lines connecting Egypt with the gulf area in general and Saudi Arabia in particular

  • 23-09-2014
    25 Turkish trailers rejected by Saudi Authorities as they passed through Israel.

    25 Trailers loaded with perishable Turkish goods tried to reach Saudi Arabia - sailing from Iskenderun port on board RORO My Rose to Haifa port then by land through Jordan , the trailers were stopped and rejected entry at the Saudi Arabian borders due to the fact that they called Israel

  • 07-07-2014
    ETMS signs General Agency contract with VARAMAR

    ETMS is now the general agent of VARAMAR and we accept General & Project cargo from and to Egypt / Far East / West Africa / Persian Gulf / South America

  • 12-05-2014
    Commercial Managemend for RORO Mv Al Hurreya 2 & Mv Al Hurreya Contract Signed!

    RoRo, blt 2007
    6000 dwat on 6,75 m draft
    15 kn on 30 ts if380
    slewing stern ramp
    deck crane of 30 ts
    height maindeck: 7 m / in tanktop: 5 m
    hoistable cardeck in maindeck
    2 lifts connecting decks: 19 x 5 m / 75 ts each
    1320 lane metres 3m wide
    cardeck: 55 cars
    ada wog

  • 01-01-2014
    Cairo Office Launched!

    Person in charge:


  • 23-10-2014

    ETMS proudly announce to our valued customers that they can book their cargo, trucks and trailers on the RORO line ADABIYA - DUBA through our Suez Office

  • 17-03-2015
    General Agent agreement with MLB

    General Agent for MLB at all Egyptian Ports and Suez Canal Transit

  • 11-03-2015
    General Agent agreement with BOW Shipping

    General Agent for BOW Shipping at all Egyptian ports

  • 07-09-2015
    Increased Tariffs for Egyptian Ports